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Raju Reddy, DDS, MD

5 out of 5 stars based on 93 reviews.

Patient Review By Carlos A

The service was great.

- Carlos A

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Patient Review By Alex J

Great practice.

- Alex J

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Patient Review By Brandon A

Overall good experience

- Brandon A

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Patient Review By Rosalina R

Excellent!! A+

- Rosalina R

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Patient Review By Brian S

Procedure was quick and very painless. Staff was nice and overall great.

- Brian S

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Patient Review By Jackson M

This procedure and recovery went much smoother than expected with very little pain and swelling. It may be helpful to ask patients before the procedure if they prefer liquid or tablet form of prescriptions, so pickup is easy on surgery day.

- Jackson M

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Patient Review By Jason S

You guys are professional and make your patients feel welcomed and at ease here.

- Jason S

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Patient Review By Greg Y

I will keep using this facility until all my teeth are replaced if that the case for now one tooth at a time or in this case two.

- Greg Y

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Patient Review By Stephanie B

This was a positive experience overall. Dr. Reddy did a great job at easing my nerves and keeping my son calm and safe.

- Stephanie B

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Patient Review By Esmeralda H

He is a great oral surgeon

- Esmeralda H

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Patient Review By Adrian G

Dr.Reddy and his team were great throughout the whole process.

- Adrian G

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Patient Review By Justin A

Smooth procedure, clear instructions, easy to communicate and schedule

- Justin A

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Patient Review By Mary B

Good care, friendly staff, easy to schedule

- Mary B

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Patient Review By Barry T

I was well taking care of

- Barry T

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Patient Review By Jack C

No pain

- Jack C

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Patient Review By Cassandra S

Excellent service from start to finish. Very glad to have chosen to have this done by Dr. Reddy. Especially appreciated his confidence and kindness on the extraction day.

- Cassandra S

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Patient Review By Kylar H

Overall very good service. No complaints!

- Kylar H

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Patient Review By Diane B

Painless procedure, excellent pre/post op care

- Diane B

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Patient Review By Jeffrey F

A wonderful environment with well trained professionals!! Every attention to detail was performed here! Highly recommended with out fear!!

- Jeffrey F

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Patient Review By Kun L

Great experience

- Kun L

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Everyone was professional, kind, helpful and efficient. This has been a very smooth and pleasant process. Thank you to Dr. Reddy and all the staff!quotes

Hrishikesh S., August 2015


This is a state of the art practice that you’ll trust. Dr. Reddy is extremely intelligent, mannered and well beyond proficient. He’s hired a very friendly, professional and punctual staff. Good stuff…quotes

Garrett Girvan, July 2015


Dr. Reddy and his team have taken excellent care of me. They are kind, thoughtful, attentive and made the whole experience more positive than I expected. Having wisdom teeth removed is far from fun, but with Dr. Reddy’s expert care and genuine, kind personality, I was in great hands and have had a smooth recovery.quotes

Lauren C., July 2015


Everyone in the office was super friendly and helpful. The procedures went good and we were happy. The only thing I could suggest is more communication within the staff as several people called me numerous times with the same questions. But good experience overallquotes

Stacey G., July 2015


Everyone is very friendly and professional. Couldnt have picked a better place to go toquotes

Martin Pimentel, July 2015


Dr. Reddy and his team create an environment that is super comfortable, friendly and I left feeling happy with my visit and the people I interacted with. Everyone that works in the office makes a conscious effort to make sure patients know they’re cared for and that their needs are important. I got my wisdom teeth surgery done in January with no problems afterwards. I healed up pretty quickly and it’s nice that Dr. Reddy provides his personal number if you have any concerns or questions after office hours. Any dental work comes with feelings of anxiety, but when you’re in Dr. Reddy’s office, everyone is so welcoming that you instantly feel comfortable and that your visit is more fun than stressful. I would recommend his dental services to my friends and family! He not only does fabulous dental work, him and team will have you laughing and smiling before you leave.quotes

Mercedes Marie Bickerstaff, June 2015
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I got my wisdom teeth out at Dr. Reddy’s office and I had a great experience. The whole staff including Dr. Reddy were extremely kind, patient, and professional. They made the experience as painless as possible and created a very comfortable environment. I would recommend them to anyone!quotes

Kati Kashima, June 2015
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Dr. Reddy and his team are fantastic ! I had such an amazing experience. I am not someone who does a lot of reviews but felt I had to. I had a tooth extraction with bone graft done after a referral from my dentist. His entire staff were so welcoming and Dr. Reddy was extremely knowledgable.

I don’t often trust dental professionals after some bad experiences but his office was great. The entire procedure went smoothly and afterwards I had minimal pain (something I was very worried about). In fact I had several important meetings that week and family in town with no issues post operatively.

Moreover, they were transparent about the costs involved and worked with my insurance.

Definitely would recommend him to anyone!quotes

Toyin F., July 2015


Great customer service and they know what they are doing. Plain and simple, it’s a great company. Highly highly recommendedquotes

Jesse B., July 2015


Really friendly, accomodating staff and great outcome from wisdom tooth extraction!quotes

Brenna M., July 2015


To be honest I thought getting my wisdom teeth out was going to be an awful, painstaking experience that would really take a lot of my energy to recover from. I was really surprised when that wasn’t the case that all, and in fact the rest of the day following the surgery, there wasn’t nearly as much pain as I’d thought there’d be once the anesthesia wore off. There was hardly any swelling in the couple of days following the surgery, which really surprised me also. I was able to start eating soft foods on about the third or fourth day after surgery: things like ravioli or soft Taco Bell burritos. On the fifth day I started using the syringe to clean food out of my sockets; it took me a couple of days to get the hang of, to be honest. When I went back for the first check up, Dr. Reddy told me I was healing well and there were no signs of infection, which was great news, and that I needed to continue the salt water rinses and such for a couple more weeks until the next check up. Today’s Tuesday; this coming Friday will mark the end of the second week after my surgery. Time has really flown by, which I’m really grateful to Dr. Reddy and his staff for, as I was afraid recovery would be about 20x worse than it actually is for me. For anyone considering wisdom teeth surgery and who’s as nervous as I was, I’d recommend Dr. Reddy 100%%quotes

Samuel D., July 2015


I do not enjoy the dentist, but they are really good at making it bearable.quotes

Briam K., June 2015


Excellent bedside manner and positive attitude. The whole staff is super supportive and work very well together, making the uncomfortable experience of surgically removing a tooth impressively efficient and positive!quotes

Zoe W., June 2015


After some misunderstanding with my insurance I was sent over to Dr. Reddy for my wisdom teeth extraction. The day that I first met him was also the day he did the surgery. It’s the first surgery I’ve ever had, I was very nervous and apprehensive but he, as well as his team, made me feel comfortable. They were all very nice and kept checking on me. All 4 of my teeth were impacted but he was done with the surgery before my husband was done getting my prescriptions, he was great. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Reddy and team for doing a great job.quotes

Ana S., June 2015


I had a great experience with Dr Reddy as he did my wisdom teeth extraction. He was engaging and described the procedure very well. He accommodated my work schedule. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr Reddy.quotes

Anil S., June 2015


I was apprehensive about some of the procedures. Everyone at Dr. Reddy’s office were so nice and the doctor put me at ease. Everything was explained and all my questions and fears were addressed. I now wish I had done it sooner. I am very pleased with my dental implants and would recommend this office and doctor to anyone needing these services.quotes

Luca P., June 2015


Easy. Nice people. They are there when you need themquotes

Susan R., June 2015


Initially, I was very nervous to undergo anethesia for my wisdom teeth extraction. However, the process was so quick and painless that I think I’m cured of going under anethesia. The office is also very nice and clean. I would highly recommend any oral surgery here.quotes

Rachael T., June 2015


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Reddy’s for awhile now due to a severe overbite and difficulty chewing.  Dr. Reddy has performed two in-patient operations at Stanford Hospital and at his office in Redwood City.  To say been through a lot is a bit of an understatement!

Dr. Reddy and his staff are extremely caring, patient and understanding.  They really go above and beyond to make the patient feel comfortable.  I truly felt well-informed when I came in for my consult which gave me the confidence about surgery.

His new office is superb with state of art equipment and the overall atmosphere makes you feel really relaxed and confident about coming in for surgery. I know my case was quotes extremely difficult, but Dr. Reddy made the journey very easy.

—Fiona M., Los Gatos, CA  1/20/2009
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Scanned image: hand-written patient testimonial for a tooth extraction


GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! If you are looking for a great oral surgeon, Dr. Raju Reddy is your guy. He is a very caring, smiley and a calm doctor. I had my consultation with him after being referred there and was impressed, I set up my surgery at his office, even though I had originally seem him at Meridian Dental for my consultation, his office seemed much more upscale, high tech plus the surgery date could fall on a Thursday which was best for me. I spoke to Dr Reddy several times on the phone before my surgery to set up my medications and understand them prior to surgery, also just general concerns. He was always available and that was reassuring. The office sent me an email confirm my surgery appointment and remind me of the pre-op protocols and to review them. My boyfriend drove me to the office and Michelle the surgical assistant and financial counselor took my back for another panoramic xray prior to my surgery, which I was worried about, because my insurance was not going to cover it, but Dr Reddy said there would be no charge for it, so I was impressed. During the consultation prior to the surgery Michelle had me watch a video, then I signed consents and spoke to Dr. Reddy about last minute concerns and what to expect, he made me feel so calm, even though I was very nervous. They even gave my boyfriend a 10 dollar gift card to Starbucks so he could go there while i was in surgery which was going to take about an hour. How nice!!! Kristina was the surgical assistant who helped Dr Reddy get me ready for surgery, just moments after the IV went in I was out, when I woke up my arms were folded across my body and I had a warm fuzzy blanket covering me. I was so comfortable with no discomfort and right as I woke up Dr Reddy was there with James my boyfriend. I was then able to get up and leave feeling absolutely normal, just slightly weird of course. That night around 8pm Dr. Reddy called to check on me, and I was doing great. I was being a “perfect patient” taking all me meds, and hydrating, etc. I feel like this was an amazing experience and would honestly recommend him to anyone with confidence after my experience with my wisdom teeth removal.

I am a 23 year old full time student at San Jose Sate and I also work at a doctors office full time in Los Gatos as a Scheduling Coordinator, so I am well versed in the insurance field and how an upscale doctors office should run, as we have patients travel all over the world to see the doctor I work for. I am a very busy gal obviously and am very professional as well, I also consider myself a perfectionist and I expect A LOT out of people and businesses and I feel this was the perfect fit for me, and it will be for you too.

I was skeptical at first when reading these other reviews that are a bit negative, but just remember not everyone is a good fit for a practice, I of all people know this since i have worked in a medical office for 3 years now. Please go experience it yourself, and if you had an experience like i did, then post a review, because someone who is unhappy and upset will more likely seek out to make that business look bad to others and post poor reviews, Thanks and hope this helps!!!!!!quotes

Yelp.com, Jessica V, Los Gatos, CA  12/18/2009
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I had my wisdom tooth extraction performed here. Overall it was a very good experience. Dr. Reddy’s skills are unquestionable, and the cleanliness & quality of the facilities is top notch. The experience was painless and the post treatment instructions were very clear.

I should mention that I received the treatment a while ago, the reason I held back from a review until now was that there was a mishap with the billing which disturbed me for a while. Today I received a personal phone call from Dr. Reddy which essentially resolved the issue so I can now go ahead and give my five stars. quotes

—Yelp, Caner Onal, Mountain View, CA  9/20/2009
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quotesBeautiful and VERY clean office in Redwood City! When it comes to seeing the doctor or dentist, I’m a real scaredy-cat, but I felt totally at ease when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I went to another office close by and I just didn’t get the same feeling that I got at Dr. Reddy’s office. Apparently, he’s just not a dentist, but he has a medical degree quotes too!!!

bas1982, YellowPages.com  08/13/2008

quotesFinally, I got the nerve to get my wisdom teeth out.  I had a really wonderful experience at Dr. Reddy’s office.  I was a bit nervous to get sedated, but now that I’ve had it done I couldn’t be happier.  The staff and doctor made me feel really safe and relaxed.

I came in for surgery and was brought to my room.  They gave me the anesthesia and I started to feel drowsy.  Next thing I know, I’m in another room and Dr. Reddy’s nurse is gently waking me up and telling me that I was done.

I rate this place a 10+ because of the experience before, during and after my visit.  They contacted several times after surgery to just check up on me.  Thanks Dr. Reddy!  UR quotes the best! 🙂

vperez817, YellowPages.com  10/24/2008
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quotesMy story and dental experience is unique and what makes it even more unique is the fact that I went back to Dr. Reddy. That is the strongest testimony about his skills as a doctor and as a superior human being. Several years ago I had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Reddy, the procedure was every bit as routine as I had heard. But I developed some unforeseen complications that required specialized intervention. Throughout those difficult days, Dr. Reddy stood as a solid rock by my family’s side, and going over and beyond his call of duty. It is true that in those days of pain I felt that somehow it was his fault and that I was very unlucky. My rejection did not deter him from doing what he felt was proper and he took the high road. His sincere concern about me as his patient and as a person stayed with me and helped me through physical and emotional healing.

Two years later when it was time for my daughters to have their wisdom teeth removed, it was easy decision that I would take them to Dr.Reddy. The fact that he no longer came to my home town practice and instead we had to drive to Redwood City from San Ramon did not bother us.

My trust in him is complete, and as I said earlier that for anyone to go back to the same doctor with whom one had difficult experience, to drive miles and miles and bring my children to him, to have the absolute faith in him speaks volumes about him.

He is amongst the few honorable doctors who still live and practice the code of ethics, who is gifted by God in excellence in his profession and who stands tall and trustworthy as a friendliest doctor that one will ever find.

I strongly recommend him to anyone who is contemplating going to him.quotes My 360 degrees turnaround from a disgruntled person to a satisfied client is a testimony to Dr. Reddy’s capabilities!!!!

yelp.com, Review by Nandita B.  5/3/2009
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quotesI went to Dr. Reddy’s office to get my wisdom teeth pulled after my regular family dentist recommended him to me. Dr Reddy is a great doctor and his staff is excellent. My entire experience at his office was fantastic. During the consultation, they sat me down and explained every step of what would be happening and what to expect. I was totally informed and helped to be at ease before having the procedure completed.

Before I had my wisdom teeth pulled, they explained the procedure, described post-op care, and even were able to pull my insurance information so I would know exactly what I would paying out of pocket.

Dr. Reddy is so compassionate and friendly. He even called me at home afterward to check on me the day of my procedure. By the way, he performed my surgery on his own birthday!

The surgery itself was relatively painless. They put me to sleep to have my wisdom teeth pulled so I didn’t feel anything, and afterward he gave me plenty of pain meds to ensure I had very minimal amounts of pain. I had very little swelling, and he also made sure I understood how to keep the wounds clean.

I highly recommend Dr. Reddy to anyone needing oral surgery. He is an excellent doctor in every aspect, and he has a top-notch staff as well!quotes

yelp.com, Joel. H,  San Mateo, CA 6/3/2009
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Walked in 15 minutes early for my appointment and was greeted by Dr. Reddy himself.  The facility was absolutely magnificent with what looked like state of the art equipment.  The place was spotless, definitely a sign of a good medical office.  He sat me down and had me watch a video on wisdom teeth that was up to date and current.  The staff was caring, friendly, and knowledgeable.  The Doctor let me know my options for extracting my wisdom teeth and the staff let me know exactly what my insurance would cover in a spreadsheet.
Before going into surgery they asked me if I had ever been put to sleep with anesthesia before, I said no and Dr. Reddy assured me it would be a piece of cake.  He asked me to take 9 slow deep breaths and I was out by 4.  When I woke up after just 1 hour, they got me to my car safely and assured me that I could call if I had any questions.

It’s only been 4 hours since I left their office and I’m already feeling a lot better.  The pain is very minimal.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Reddy and his office to anyone who is having any type of oral surgery done.  They are knowledgeable, friendly, and will make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Getting your wisdom teeth pulled is not normally a pleasant experience, but I this office really makes it not so bad.

*** UPDATE***
If I could add an extra star for exceptional patient care I would.  Dr. Reddy just called me personally to make sure I was doing well and that I didn’t have any questions.  He also double checked when my follow up appointment was for me since I was still drowsy when I left the office.  AMAZING.quotes


yelp.com, Jessica. L, San Jose, CA 6/9/2009
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quotesI am TERRIFIED of the Dentist!… It matters to me what happens in the office and after the visit. I had such an amazing experience with Dr. Reddy.

Dr. Reddy is a kind, gentle and funny doctor who never made me feel dumb about my frustrations and my anxiety towards having my wisdom teeth pulled. I called him alot and he never got angry or seemed to not care. The office is state of the art and clean and inviting.

I cannot leave out the staff including the front desk girls ::wave:: and the nurse who held my hand in surgery! You all rock.

Please pick Dr. Reddy to pull your teethquotes

yelp.com, Alison. B, Redwood City, CA, 6/8/2009
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